Sunday, 7 September 2008

Am I Crazy? :D

It was again a complaining, fighting evening with my dearest ettan... And we both were enjoying doing that.. as usual.:D after a 45 minutes of smashy arguments and cutest thunderstorms and "Dishyooms.." at last we got tired and became ready for a compromise talk.

And here goes my every time i opt...then also my choice was a walk through the IT highway where i can have a look on sm handsome IT geeks and ettan can have a simultaneous "resting " in the near by lonely bus stop benches..! And now we finished our one round walk upto the Gr8 Tidel Park and returned. i was little disappointed on that day bcoz it was a sunday and a holiday... "Y these IT companies r having an off on sunday?" my biggest question that moment...:P

We decided to sit in the nearest bus stop to return. i was tired but the fresh air walk made me happy. At the end of the day of practically doing "nothing" i really wanted to do something crazy. If u r thinking that i could scream madly then i would love to call u crazy bcoz it was night 10.30 and if im screaming there in the very next morning i would have been in a Mental Hospital. Ok. I was requesting,begging, challenging, ettan to find something crazy for me to do at that moment.... He was keep telling me..."Stop these nonsense...!dont be crazy!". But i was not ready to listen.

Oh My God..!the next second there entered 3 handsome guys to the screen and they sat on the bench just near to us. Suddenly ettan told me..." what ever i say...Look that Tree Opposite to u..Cross the road and get one leaf from that tree.." I looked. The tree is on a platform of devider. if i need to get the leaf i've to climb it. Just have to create a show! But i've tempted him and if im not shame..!

I've decided to do it...but the biggest problem was to cross the road which is one of the fasest highway of the city. I made calculation. there is no images to keep here...what u want u do it....and i've done it...!when i started to cross...ettan was staring me...when he realized that i gonna do it...he started to smile...the enjoying cute smile...! I blinked my eyes playfully and crossed and climbed the platform. Then whole eyes on me. I started to laugh and plucked 4 leaves by jumping. Then i made my royal return!

U can never imagine...I was feeling like in heaven. I was jumping infront of ettan. One of my happiest moment in my life happened...I've never enjoyed some prank this much. My joy made my brother happy. Those 3 guys... They were looking at us and laughingly commenting on us... I was l feeling like a kindergarten gal who won a trophy in a hide n seek or snake n ladder game..

I can never forget that wonderful night which made me realize that somewhere in my heart still im keeping my childhood and innocence!


krishnan said...

very nice..Keep writing kutta..

Anonymous said...

hello... just saw ur comment on my blog... long time? do i know u??? and thanks anyway... lol.. i keep writing on my blog and it seems only i read it... hehe.. do reply

Karthik said...

to create a scene, you couldn't have made thus much effort. anyways cool bro and sis :D