Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Worshipping Shadowism!!!!!!!!!!

Worshipping Shadowism!!!!!!!!!!

Have u people ever thought about the shadows? Damn!!!! These craps will never let me do anything. Even they do not have their own bodies. They can rule me through their instabilities. Still they made me to say that “I admire them, I respect them, and at last I’ve started worshipping them ”. They can bring out my whole emotions in life.

Ofcourse I admire God…and I accept him as the almighty. I never felt that I am praying or pleading him anything. I felt he is someone with whom I can have an open conversation. He is someone who doesn’t need any explanations from my side. He knows me more than I know myself.

But in case of shadows…they r some creatures who know me very well. Still they can haunt me. They can ask me silent questions…they need explanations for everything… Again. Here lies the crap again… I love them… Huh!!!! I think. how can I? I love them because they are someone at least have cares for me. I start love them when I start love myself and I start to hate them when I’ve hatred towards me. Really it’s not a big deal…

They will ask me questions in each of my actions. But those questions will never be personal. They do not have any intention to hurt me as the original fleshy bodies have. As far as my concern, they want me to think on every action.

I started care shadows from those days when I got the theory of “I don’t want to be a blind follower… I don’t want any follower… I need only a co-traveler ”. I know only these silent creatures can accept this agenda which is really a trap. Since they r suffering me a lot…. I gave them the full freedom to rule me …to haunt me…to irritate me with bloody questions…. to make me titter sometimes…to make me cry as anyone can…(I hate this part of mine… as hell).

Shadows r not my followers…. and I am not following them too. I think I am blindly believing Shadowism!!!!!.


Teny said...

More than once did the shadows seemed to talk to me, but never did they seemed to ask anything which was unexpected. They have always proved better than the wretched humans, as they never asked a question which was worthless, and never seemed to plan an attack on our heart...they just gives the feeling that we are not alone :)

Cheers ammoose :-)

Diving out ----->

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


Shadows, Ah ..!!
One topic i would love to wirte..One topic i had many times written and then CTRL-SHFT-Deleted.

Written well..thoughts flow freely..I think you should go on writing more and to get the real kick of it..!!

Meanwhile thanks for dropping by my blog..Catch you often over there and here..!! :)

Tak care..!!

പരദേശി said...

Shadows... well written... something that i was ( well its "am")wierdly worried abt. That will still be polished as i am actually scared...
"IS he still there ? / Isn't he there with me?"...i dont know my real query...
anyway do write.. its been some time now..

Found you accidentally in Karuvannur.. Well guess shud have read earlier..

Ammu said...


Thanks for ur valuable and dearest and nearest comment....!thank u Tennoose...:-)

Ammu said...

@Vinz aka Vinayak...

I think u can write better than write on time forget abt those two keys...;)

waiting for ur next work...:)

Ammu said...


Thanks for ur valuable comment...:)

Gireesh said...

bore sadhanam