Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Mission : Finding Myself.!!!!!!!

Mission : Finding Myself.

My ways in life…may be they r so immature…still I love them… They were full of warmth. Each time they were vague. They confused me at each point. Let me tell u. They were unknown for me. Those paths were completely filled with darkness. I was moving like a blind. But somehow. Everytime.In every turning… one hand was ready to hold me. Ready to move me in right way. But those hands never told me where I would meet the next turn. Even now. I really want to return to the stages in my life where I found strange faces those which later l made familiar. Y I really thinks that it was better them to be strange…? I don’t know.

I am sure that if I wish to return to my old days…. I shall lost my way in the middle… they were so strange for me. It was completely an aimless voyage. And I am that much sure in another thing that my future ways will not be different with them. Even if I’ve some aim for my physical existence… For my spiritual life…for my philosophies…. for my mental stabilities…. I m not sure that i can find a solution..!


Teny said...

life is aimless ammoose :) but we will reach somewhere, or should I say we have to :) even I keep losing the way and I just keep struggling most of the time, but i guess we will always find some hope somewhere, otherwise I would have been dead and buried long ago :)

And we can't always move like blind, and if we do, its the problem with this world that they are not noticing us and giving a helping hand :( we are going through unknown paths and I think that we are going to continue the journey :)

Diving out ----->

P3 said...

Whats with you and darkness/shadows and stuff?

vemman said...

aimless voyage.? v never had any known aim. do we i dont think so.

bt everyone has one aim
to survive, to live, to reproduce come whatever may...

so if u think ur life was aimless think again...

govindan said...

hai ammu
it's nice to see that u have started blogging.First of all a hearty congrats for using blog as a platform for horning your writing skills.keep it up.
Intially u won't be good at writing,but in future u can make a wave..defintely u can.
So keep writing different topics.

Ammu said...


Thanks for reading me do...:)

Ammu said...


what to say....?sigh!

Ammu said...

@Venman or Ramettan

the main problem is that...what i've written..i know its a crap...!so im not trying to avoid it..becoz i love craps:)

thanks for ur valuable comments..


thanks for that encouragement...Wil try my level best...:)